"Come unto me all of you who are weary ...and learn the unforced rhythms of grace."

Welcome to Tend Your Spirit! Seek spiritual direction for your journey

Welcome to Tend Your Spirit! Seek spiritual direction for your journey

Welcome to Tend Your Spirit! Seek spiritual direction for your journeyWelcome to Tend Your Spirit! Seek spiritual direction for your journeyWelcome to Tend Your Spirit! Seek spiritual direction for your journey

Tend Your Spirit. Nurture Your Soul. Renew Your Mind. Rest Your Body.

About Us


Our Backgrounds

Welcome to Tend Your Spirit. We are John and Cynthia Toth, spiritual directors, authors, retreat directors, ministry mentors, and worship leaders. We have founded “Tend Your Spirit“ as a ministry in response to the Spirit’s leading and the need we see in today’s world to “Come and Be.” 

What about you? 

Have you been longing for a safe place to be yourself with all your questions? Have you heard the quiet voice whisper, “I have more for you?” Are you listening? If “Busy” is your first name and “Not right now” is your middle name, and “Chaos” is your last name, consider NOW IS THE time to draw aside, to “Be still and behold the wondrous works of God,” and Tend Your Spirit. 

Contact Cynthia at 785-554-0583.


Why “Tend Your Spirit?” 

The word “tend” has multiple facets of meaning…to attend to, to guard, to serve, to cherish.  Without honoring and paying close attention to our inner spirits, we grow thirsty, restless, hard hearted; we find ourselves wandering through life, wondering why life is or isn’t the way we envision it should be, suppressing and ignoring the inner promptings to leave the noisy turbulence and find solace in the quiet spaces. Finally, being “tender” with your spirit may be one of the most rewarding and refreshing acts of mercy you can perform in the world. Do you need assistance in knowing how?


We presently have two avenues you may embrace to support you in your spiritual journey. The first is to make ourselves available for appointments with the specific intention of listening with you, in the quiet of our office or by phone.  We can provide the space for you to experience the long awaited escape from your inner racket.  We can then assist you to dial down the noise long enough to hear what your spirit is longing for. Each session will be unique unto itself as you connect with the Divine. We use several different methods to assist you in your quest to be more intimate with the Holy Spirit. Immanuel Prayer has been one of the most effective. You will leave knowing that your 

  • inner sanctum has been transformed 
  • burdens have lifted 
  • joy has returned 
  • strength and courage for the journey increased
  • you have connected to your Source
  • your “soulfire” is rekindled

We are not counselors or psychiatrists, nor social workers or pastors. We will never take the place of other professionals in your life who are assisting you.We will not offer advice unless asked. Your time with us is designed for you to listen to the Spirit’s counsel and encouragement. You will sense guidance, comfort and peace.


Prayer for the road

Prayer is how we engage the Spirit during our sessions.  Additionally, John has written a book that Cynthia lovingly edited. It is based on the Lord's Prayer.  Our purpose is to provide a source of material to accompany you on your meditative journey toward intimacy with the Father.  We may suggest we use sections of it during our TEND YOUR SPIRIT sessions where particular areas of your growth may need emphasis, i.e. forgiveness, or experiencing who you are as your heart connects with the Love of God.


Bibliotherapy for the byways

Our faith requires a healthy respect for other faiths, for only God knows who will be the next "Good Samaritan" in our lives.  We have found a wealth of wisdom outside of our own Christian tradition and its Scriptures and writings.  We continue to see the value of extreme listening, discerning, reading and learning about other faith traditions as it relates to sharing a word in due season, or thoughts that are fitly spoken.   We all profit when our goal is to speak "apples of gold in pictures of silver" into each other's' lives. This is  accomplished with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Published by Johanna Press

Intimate Devotions of a Prisoner Named John

A book created for others who are looking for a guide in which to have an extended time of intimacy with the Lord.  Born out of a time of inner anguish, it expresses a heartfelt desire of a son for his ABBA Father.  It is based on the prayer of another Son to His Father.  Ask us how you can acquire this meditative tool